Who We Are

Our Vision

Arts-based school communities that fuel transformative education for every student

Our Mission

Model, cultivate, and support arts-based learning for the whole school community

Our Core Beliefs

  • Every individual, every school, and every community is unique and valuable.
  • Everyone is naturally creative, and creativity is critical to the learning process.
  • Every child deserves to be taught in and through the arts.
  • Instruction should be creative, engaging, and meet the unique needs of all learners.
  • Arts integration should be in every classroom as one of many tools and approaches.
  • The arts nurture the imagination and impact lifelong learning.

Our Goals

Goal 1 Communication

Effectively communicate the work and purpose of Mississippi Whole Schools.

Goal 2 Professional Learning

Provide high quality professional learning opportunities to increase skills and build knowledge.

Goal 3 Community Relationships

Enhance and sustain relationships and collaborations for Mississippi Whole Schools and its communities.

Goal 4 Operations

Refine Mississippi Whole Schools’ operations to ensure effective financial and infrastructural support in its schools.

Goal 5 Partnerships

Explore and research partnership opportunities to grow influence and expand the reach of Mississippi Whole Schools in local, regional, and national spheres.