Certification in Arts Integration 

Directed by Mississippi Whole Schools, a program of the Mississippi Arts Commission

MAC’s Certification in Arts Integration is designed to train teaching artists in the Mississippi Whole Schools approach to arts integration, with a focus on increasing the effectiveness of interactions between teaching artists and preK-12 learning institutions.

Program Assets include

  • Focus on Arts Integration Foundations, Teaching and Learning, and Leadership.

  • Celebrated recognition in the state.

  • Collaboration and networking with other professionals.

  • Comprehensive training course in Arts Integration Competencies for Teaching Artists.

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Participants will complete a detailed program application. Once accepted, individuals will engage in training centered around core dynamic projects. A cornerstone of the program is the successful completion of an in-school residency providing meaningful and rigorous learning experiences for students. 

Through the dynamic projects and the in-school residency, teaching artists will strengthen their understanding of arts integration, their teaching skills, and begin developing more rigorous and impactful learning experiences for students.

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Program Application

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Application Deadline – June 25